2022 Seal Island Puffin Cruises
Sundays, beginning June 13

Seal Island, south of Isle au Haut, is home to a summer colony of nesting puffins. They have brightly colored beaks during the breeding season. They feed primarily by diving in the water, and breed in large colonies on coastal cliffs or offshore islands, nesting in crevices among rocks or in burrows in the soil. Their short wings are adapted for swimming with a flying technique under water.2 puffins

Our fully licensed and inspected Downeast built boat will carry you from Stonington to the Seal Island shores where the puffins nest. On board our crew will provide descriptions of the avian and ocean wildlife along the way. The trips last between four and five hours, depending on weather and viewing. (Note that nobody is permitted to land on Seal Island.)

Fares are $80.00 for adults, $45.00 under age 12. Advance payment is required to secure reservations; cash, VISA, American Express or Mastercard, refundable for cancellations until 2 days before the departure time of the trip. Call (207) 367-5193.

Please note that, as with all of our trips, passengers are required to wear face coverings on board.

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2022 Puffin Tour Schedule
SunJune 121:00 pm
SunJune 191:00 pm
SunJune 261:00 pm
SunJuly 31:00 pm
SunJuly 101:00 pm
SunJuly 171:00 pm
SunJuly 241:00 pm
SunJuly 311:00 pm
SunAugust 71:00 pm
SunAugust 141:00 pm
* Please arrive at our Stonington Facility 45 minutes before departure to allow time for parking and boarding.
* Routing is weather dependent and at the discretion of the Captain.