Acadia National Park at Duck Harbor

Duck Harbor signAcadia National Park on Isle au Haut
Six miles from the mainland lies the beautiful island of Isle au Haut, home to the most remote part of Acadia National Park and a place to connect with nature in relative solitude. Park lands on Isle au Haut offer a natural environment where you can enjoy spectacular ocean views and quiet forest trails. However, there are few visitor amenities so be sure that you take everything you need for your visit.

Duck Harbor Mountain TrailBe Prepared
Bring water and food, sunscreen and a hat, sturdy footwear, and layers of clothing. Summer temperatures on the island are typically several degrees cooler than the mainland.

Do Your Part
The number of visitors is limited to protect Isle au Haut's fragile ecology. If you are one of the privileged few to visit, please do your part to protect this special place. Stay on trails and carry out your trash; leave nothing behind.

Share the Island
Only part of the island is managed by Acadia National Park. The rest is privately owned. Please stay on public land and respect residents' privacy.

Hikers in Duck HarborTake the Boat
There are boat landings in town and at Duck Harbor. Duck Harbor provides the closest access to camping, but not all boats stop there. Check the Mailboat Schedule.

Hike a Trail
Eighteen miles of trails offer opportunities to explore the Park's ecosystems. Interior trails provide solitude as you travel through the forest to marshes and bogs, mountain summits, and a freshwater lake. Other trails skirt the rocky coast, offering spectacular views of 100-foot cliffs dropping to the sea. Download a Trail Map here or here.

You must have advance reservations to camp. Visit the Acadia National Park website for more campground information.

Planning Your Visit
Looking for more information? Download the park's Isle au Haut brochure.